About Concerned Citizens of California

We are a group of Northern California Citizens doing our part to Repeal the Gas and Car Tax

Concerned Citizens of California

We are a group of ordinary California citizens who pulled some resources together to assist in reaching California residents to educate and make aware that these taxes have been raised without the voice or consent of the people.


We did our part as unpaid Volunteers to assist in circulating the 17-0033 Amd1 Petition to
Repeal the California Car and Gas Tax by sending an estimated 1,200 to 1,800+ signed petitions to the Reform California Campaign headquarters for counting.


Our focus is now on educating the California public on which November 2018 candidates are proponents of Repealing the California Car and Gas Tax and promise to protect California Citizens from further
Car and Gas tax hikes. RepealGasTax.org will also serve as a media outlet to disseminate news, videos, and other updates related to Repeal of the California Gas Tax.


Receive a weekly dose of news and updates on the Repeal the Car and Gas Tax Efforts.

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